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How this works...

The booking process to secure my services is quite simple-                                                                          First, you send through your inquiry my emailing me at or by filling out the form on my home page.                                             Secondly, I will send you through a bookings form and information pack that should help you understand all the little details of how this works.                                And thirdly, if all is well and your wedding date is available you will secure your date with a down payment and an appointment will be made to discuss the little details of the big day. 

What Equipment do I use?

I am a pretty natural and down to earth photographer. When I edit my images I steer clear of over enhancing my images. I like the end product to look as natural as possible . Because of this I dont use a huge amount of lighting aids. I have a flecky, and that's all one needs.                                                                                            My tools are as follows-                                           Canon 6D                                                                       24-105mm  wide angle canon lens                                   50mm canon lens                                                             50-300 mm canon lens                                                  

Editing Programs                                                                Lightroom                                                                           Adobe Photoshop                                                      Adobe Premiere        

How is the final product delivered?

Both the high resolution and low resolution images are delivered on a custom USB stick, lovingly packed into a custom wooden box along with the prints.                The turn over period is estimated 4 weeks but this estimate can vary during wedding season.