5 Simple Things You Can Do To Prepare For Your Wedding Portraits


  A common fear amongst most brides and grooms-to-be is the portrait session on their big day. It’s a daunting prospect which admittedly most photographers sometimes need reminding of. Although a bit of camera fright is common, there are a few things you can do to prepare mentally and emotionally.

1. Meet Your Photographer First

Probably the most important tip I can give you is to meet your photographer first. Get a coffee, catch up, get an idea of who they are and their personality, make them a friend and your wedding portraits will go so much smoother. Your photographer is one of the vendors you will see the most of on your wedding day so get to know them so it doesn’t feel like you have a stranger involved on the biggest day of your life and documenting your most intimate of moments. Better yet, do an engagement shoot of some sort before hand as a warm up so you’re better prepared for what things will look like on your wedding day and more comfortable getting soppy in front of your photographer.

2.  Find the Music that Moves You

Most photographers will play romantic music during your portrait session to help you two get into the mood. A great tip is to find what music works for you, what makes you emotional and gets you in the right head-space. Better yet, create a Spotify playlist or pick an already existing one and send it to your photographer to use on the day.

3.   Practice Cuddling

I know, it sounds ridiculous, but I’m serious. Sometimes we don’t notice how we embrace our significant other, so when we’re put on the spot and asked to “cuddle each other like you would normally,” or “just act natural”, our minds freeze up and we can’t remember what that looks like.

Leading up to your wedding day, make sure you’re not letting stress get to you and affecting your relationship. Love on each other and let yourselves get excited. It’s only the biggest day of your life!

4.   Act up for the Camera

Good photos don’t just happen. Your photographer will sometimes ask you to “ignore the camera” and “act natural”, and do that by all means, but still be aware its there. If you’re wanting a fun shot of you two acting cute, one where the grooms picking the bride up and she’s laughing and it hits all the right feels, then make it happen. Your photographer will try their best to coax you two into doing what they need to get the shot, but you have to meet them half way. If you want your wedding photos to be really romantic and emotional, then let yourself give way to those emotions during the whole day. Or, if you want fun, energetic photos, be that energy

5.  Take a Shot of Tequila

Ok, not really, a drunk bride is never a good thing. But in all seriousness though, find a way to loosen yourself up before, whether it be a quiet moment alone first, or a glass of win. And lastly, make sure you communicate with your photographer on how you’re feeling, and what you need. They are there for you and will do what ever it takes to make you feel comfortable.