How to Get Featured on a Wedding Journal

    One of the biggest trends in the wedding industry at present is a desire for brides to have their day featured in a bridal magazine. During consultations with the happy couple, I’m frequently asked about bridal magazines and publications, and what they can do to make their big day worthy of a blog such as Hello May, or The Together Journal. This is then always followed by the question, “Is this something we can do?” Well I don’t know, is it? The first step to increasing your chances of being featured is of course securing a GREAT photographer, with a keen eye for detail, and photographs that appear natural and relaxed. Chances are you’ve already ticked this box, but the rest is up to you.

   And so one might ask, what is it exactly that wedding blogs look for?

   It depends on what journal you’re planning on submitting your wedding to. With a journal like “Rock and Roll Bride” it’s fairly apparent the type of wedding they’re looking for. But journals like Hello May that consistently publish high quality yet varying content, usually have less obvious criteria.

   Keep in mind that no matter what, your number-one goal is to plan a day that is a perfect reflection of the both of you, something you love, and something memorable.

   So let’s break this down simply, in five simple steps to plan a blog-worthy wedding.

1.       Get Yourself a Damn Amazing Photographer.

There’s more to a photographer than just clear images that are well framed. Amazing photos don’t just happen. You know the ones, with the couple looking deep into each other’s eyes while laughing, but they’re also crying, and you realise you’re also crying whilst scrolling through your Instagram feed, eating chocolate alone on Valentine’s day and dreaming of your future Mr or Mrs. Or how about those epic shots with the couple up on a cliff, gazing out upon an epic view, sun setting and the brides dress and hair caught up in the wind. Photos like these take work to capture, planning and foresight, and talent on the photographers part. Effectively, an ability to make the couple feel relaxed and comfortable enough to let out their deepest emotions while in front of a camera.


2.       Steer Clear of Trends

It’s dangerously easy to get caught up in trends. You saw all white flowers at all your friends’ weddings and decide you want that too because it must be cool, didn’t you? But be honest, it doesn’t matter if your wedding is the most beautiful extravaganza that ever was, and you mirrored everything you saw perfectly on Pinterest. With no unique qualities that stand out, it’s only destined to be lost in the five hundred other submissions that the wedding journal has received for that month’s issue. If you’ve seen that one dress making the rounds on Instagram, notably popular and surprisingly affordable, you're unlikely to find many overly impressed when they see you also wearing it on your wedding day.

 Nobody wants to see a “copy paste” wedding.


3.       DIY Saves Lives

No, not really, but it rhymed so I thought I’d chuck it in there. But, in all seriousness, DIY, backyard weddings, themed weddings, epic adventures, all these ideas should be something to consider. Consider crafting those wedding favours yourself, to add a neat personal touch that can be quite creative. Brides who make their own dresses or refurbish old dresses almost always get featured, especially if they did a bad-ass job!

4.       Point of Difference

I’ve mentioned it many times, but that’s only because it is so important, and to emphasise that, it’s receiving it's own place on the list. A point of difference is what really catches the editor’s eye. Black wedding dress. Gaudy jewellery. Giant flower-crown. A sequin suit?

Have a Mexican theme, or a carnival wedding. Or get married at night, the whole wedding a display of lights and candles. Now that would be romantic as hell!


5.       The Story

Every reader of a wedding journal is after the sappy stuff. They’re hoping to read about how the wedding ring actually belonged to the groom’s great grandmother who was a nurse in world war two, where she met his great grandfather while he was wounded and fighting for life. Or something less extreme like the ring bearer was the couple’s dog and the dress was also the mothers dress. The point is, make sure to incorporate the finer details into your wedding day, the ones that speak of your love story.


At the end of the day, the most important thing is not to get featured, but to have an amazing wedding day that reflects perfectly who you to are as a couple. Make sure that everything you invest into your wedding day is well worth it, don’t get hung up on the price, and have fun!

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